Power of Life

Life has a beautiful tendency “To Live”; time and again this very existence has been threatened and yet every time Life blossoms in one form of other. With each threat comes the opportunity to reconstruct the current form of life; It’s a poised process which creates, destroys and re-creates the matter. The very matter aka the core i.e.: spirit keep transcending from one form to another.

With each recreation; we tend to learn and with each learning we lose the purity and essence of life until we do it again. Now the method to do it again depends on Self; the self can create the chaos and at the same time can also recreates the whole. Unfortunately, Self is trapped in chaos, a fear of unknown with the known, a reality which is letting the Self know that how fragile and vulnerable we are as a specie. In this very moment; we need to erase the fear and let the self heal through its own virtues and help others on the path of self realization and awareness.

There is a mountain in-front of us, blocking our existence but Remember Sanjeevani aka the life reviving herb was found not within the Self but on the mountain of despair.

Detach the self and unite the souls to fight this war together to bring this threat down.

Remember sometimes, you need to bring the whole mountain of despair down to find the Sanjeevani aka the life reviving herb.

It can’t erase itself

It recreates itself!!




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Ankit Mishra

Ankit Mishra

Author 2X — New Poetry Book “Threads of Trust” Available on Amazon