Ankit Mishra

Feb 7

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A beat

Or a rhythm

A trap of breaths

A journey

Or mercy of clandestine emotions


or Conscious Illusion


Or sense of sensual seduction

A body to boast

Or soul to roast

Life is Unknown

Just like the death to us!



Dec 6, 2021

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My heart! sit with those

who are possessed with love, lust and the earthy wine

who do not know

the right or the wrong

Sit under the night sky

where wanders the stars


yet content for they are lost

away from the pretentious lot!

In the bazaar of




Like a Conscious choice
In an unconscious breath
I parted your lips
Neither to feel sensual
Nor to become aware
But to sail in the ecstasy of death, dreams and desires
To set the soul free
From the bondage of love!
~ Drunkardpoet

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Ankit Mishra

Ankit Mishra

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